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Andys Blog

Billy Bragg Album Cover

Andy Whale

It was really great working with Billy Bragg on his album cover a couple of years ago. We had a great discussion about the history of photography and turns out we both loved Richard Avedon, he has a signed copy of In The American West. I had done a series of portraits of actors shot in a similar style. So we had a way forward and I was really pleased with the result. So was he (which is the main thing :) Billy Brag

Photoshop retouching of 'Catwoman'

Andy Whale

This was a really great shoot working with a body painter and great model to produce our own version of Catwoman. I wanted to have the feel of one of the modern day batman films. So I shot all the elements separately and layered them all together in Photoshop using different layer masks and channel filters with different layer modes, very pleased with the results :)

Ian Hoskins DJ Studio Portraits

Andy Whale

Had a really cool shoot with Ian Hoskins DJ. He came with some reference images of other DJ shots he liked. He wanted a variety to use on his site and for PR etc. I suggested he bring a few outfits with different styles and fee. So he brought some really cool work shirts and some smart suits etc. I chose different lighting styles for the different outfits. A more moody snooted soft light for the dark suit shots and a much more direct harsh light for the brighter outfits.